[Openmcl-devel] check-for-updates not functioning (was Visual bugs in the IDE)

John McAleely john at mcaleely.com
Thu May 21 04:15:25 PDT 2009

> ? (run-program "svn" (list "info" "/Applications/ccl/") :output t)

I evaluated this at the listener in the IDE and got:

#<EXTERNAL-PROCESS (svn info /Applications/ccl/)[9818] (EXITED : 71)  

and no other output.

(getenv "PATH")



Typing svn info at the console inside /Applications/ccl produces:

Path: .
URL: http://svn.clozure.com/publicsvn/openmcl/trunk/darwinx86/ccl
Repository Root: http://svn.clozure.com/publicsvn/openmcl
Repository UUID: 8bdb8f1d-59ce-db11-9e41-0016172a54ae
Revision: 12103
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: gb
Last Changed Rev: 11870
Last Changed Date: 2009-03-31 11:54:52 +0100 (Tue, 31 Mar 2009)

and 'which svn' reveals that it is not on the path noted above:


I've certainly installed newer versions of svn on this machine than  
come with OSX, and I'm aware that a bazaar plugin has probably  
installed (or depends on) some other version of svn on this machine.


> Does that generate several lines of output (lines starting with
> "Path:", "URL:", etc.) ?  Does the EXTERNAL-PROCESS that's returned
> exit with an exit status of 0 (its printed representation would  
> contain
> '(EXITED : 0)' in that case ?
> Calling:
> ? (getenv "PATH")
> will (not surprisingly) return the value of the PATH environment
> variable; for a GUI application (which is ultimately a descendant
> of the "LoginWindow" process, IIRC"), that's often something
> a good deal more ... spartan than what one sees in the shell:
> /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin"
> On Leopard, svn is usually installed in /usr/bin; if you're
> running Leopard and svn is installed there, then I don't have
> a good idea of why this doesn't work.  If svn isn't installed
> in some directory that's on the IDE process's PATH, then things
> would likely behave as you describe.

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