[Openmcl-devel] CCL 1.3 IDE: DEFPACKAGE / IN-PACKAGE and loading a buffer

Rainer Joswig joswig at lisp.de
Sat May 23 01:24:50 PDT 2009


CCL 1.3

when I create a new editor window and type some stuff, I can't use the  
menu item Lisp>Load Buffer .
It is deactivated. I suspect that it really does not load the buffer,  
but the file associated with the buffer?
Does it?

Now I put the following into the buffer:

(defpackage "FOO" (:use "CL"))

(in-package "FOO")

(defun foo () 'bar)

Save the buffer to a file and now I'm using the 'Load Buffer' menu item.

In the listener I get the following error.

  > Error: There is no package named "FOO" .
(GUI::COCOA-LISTENER-INPUT-STREAM T)>, in  process Listener(6).

I find it a bit unfortunate that this is an error. It is quite common  
to have files where the package is defined on top and then used in the  
rest of the file.

Loading the file with LOAD works fine, though.


Rainer Joswig

Rainer Joswig, Hamburg, Germany
mailto:joswig at lisp.de

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