[Openmcl-devel] CCL is a mess

Gail Zacharias gz at clozure.com
Wed May 27 09:06:34 PDT 2009

>>>>  alien look & feel with no relevance to Apple HIG.

I would be interested in hearing more about this aspect.   The IDE 
has its problems, and I thought that at this point for the most part 
we know what they are.  But as far as look & feel, I could use some 
help because as a mac old-timer, I don't see the problem.  It looks 
and feels pretty mac-like to me.  What are some of the issues?  What 
do you hear from students? Is the emacs-like echo area/modeline at 
the bottom of the window is one of them?  What would be a better look 
(given that we do still want to provide emacs functionality in some form)?

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