[Openmcl-devel] CCL is a mess

Laughing Water lw at mt.net
Thu May 28 09:46:27 PDT 2009

And thank you, Ralph! You and Glen both have a lot to contribute and  
both had something worth saying.

I apologize to anyone who thinks this is off-subject, but computer  
programming, CCL and this discussion group are all forms of  
communication. We will succeed to the extent that they are high- 
quality forms of communication.


On May 28, 2009, at 10:27 AM, Raffael Cavallaro wrote:

> On May 28, 2009, at 12:00 PM, Glen Foy wrote:
>> Criticisms are fine and even valuable, but they should be thoughtful,
>> carefully framed and offered with encouragement, and useful
>> alternatives.
> For my part I'm sorry if my comments here have made the Clozure
> developers feel unappreciated. I am sincerely grateful for all their
> hard work on CCL.
> regards,
> Ralph
> Raffael Cavallaro
> raffaelcavallaro at gmail.com
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