[Openmcl-devel] Cocoa IDE support on Tiger

Kristian Bredin kristianbredin at gmail.com
Fri May 29 04:55:39 PDT 2009

There could be other reasons for wanting to keep Tiger compatibility,  
such as "I just upgraded to Tiger" (which is true in my case -I'm a  
bit late mainly due to lack of cash). And I _still_ need Classic,  
because I can't upgrade to the recent version of app "x" and "y"  
because of...ahem...lack of cash...

Any empty beer cans to spare, anyone? ;)


29 maj 2009 kl. 13.30 skrev Glen Foy:

> If anyone is using older PPC hardware that allegedly can't run
> Leopard, there are hacks available:
> http://lowendmac.com/osx/leopard/unsupported.html
> On May 28, 2009, at 4:57 PM, R. Matthew Emerson wrote:
>> We've been making sure that the Cocoa IDE runs on Tiger (Mac OS X
>> 10.4).  There are, however, features in Leopard that I'd like to use,
>> and I was wondering what the general reaction would be to the idea of
>> making the Cocoa IDE require Leopard.
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