[Openmcl-devel] Fwd: eval-in-package

Bill St. Clair wws at clozure.com
Sun May 31 04:31:50 PDT 2009

[forgot to include the list]

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From: Bill St. Clair <billstclair at gmail.com>
Date: Sun, May 31, 2009 at 7:30 AM
Subject: Re: [Openmcl-devel] eval-in-package
To: Taoufik Dachraoui <taoufik.dachraoui at wanadoo.fr>

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 6:15 AM, Taoufik Dachraoui
<taoufik.dachraoui at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> Dear,
> I would like to write a function that evaluates a body in a given
> package

The current package is of interest only to functions, like READ, that
convert strings to symbols. Hence, it is rare that EVAL cares about
*PACKAGE*. So your question makes no sense. What's the problem you're
trying to solve for which you're proposing that binding *PACKAGE* is
the solution?


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