[Openmcl-devel] user-defined loop paths

Mark H. David mhd at yv.org
Wed Nov 18 21:23:42 PST 2009

Thanks!  OK, I see.  The source code doc there says:

;;; The design of this LOOP is intended to permit, using mostly the same
;;; kernel of code, up to three different "loop" macros:
;;; (1) The unextended, unextensible ANSI standard LOOP;
;;; (2) A clean "superset" extension of the ANSI LOOP which provides
;;; functionality similar to that of the old LOOP, but "in the style of"
;;; the ANSI LOOP.  For instance, user-definable iteration paths, with a
;;; somewhat cleaned-up interface.
;;; (3) Extensions provided in another file which can make this LOOP
;;; kernel behave largely compatibly with the Genera-vintage LOOP macro,
;;; with only a small addition of code (instead of two whole, separate,
;;; LOOP macros).

(1) answers one of my questions, i.e., ANSI standard LOOP is not extensible.

My question now: where's there any doc for the extension functionality here?

OR: where's the file with extensions referred to in (3)?  If I had that, 
I could
presumably use the old Lisp Machine Manual's documentation, e.g., online 




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Subject: Re: [Openmcl-devel] user-defined loop paths
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> Mark H. David wrote:
>> What's the deal with user-defined loop paths in Common Lisp generally?
>> How about in Clozure CL?
> They do work; I'm using them in one place.  In CCL,
> the functions are in the package "ansi-loop", whereas
> in SBCL, they're in the package "sb-loop", but they are
> otherwise the same.
> -- Dan
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
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