[Openmcl-devel] macptrs and fasl file

Matt Claus matt at mclaus.com
Wed Oct 7 12:49:19 PDT 2009


I noticed some time ago that the mswin.lisp example loads and works fine
but fails to compile. I've had similar problems with my own windows

? (compile-file "c:/wk/ccl/examples/mswin.lisp")
 > Error: Can't dump #<A Foreign Pointer #x7F00> - unknown type
 > While executing: CCL::FASL-UNKNOWN, in process listener(1).

The problem reduces to this win32 call:

(#_LoadCursorA (%null-ptr) #$IDC_ARROW)

The second argument to LoadCursor is defined to be a pointer to a string
naming the resource to load.

Some win32 functions defined to accept named resources will also accept
an integer resource identifier packed into the low word of this pointer
like #$IDC_ARROW.

I understand that it doesn't make sense to serialize the
value of a foreign pointer but in this case the value is really a
constant rather than a real pointer to some address.

Is there some general way to convey this fact to the compiler?


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