[Openmcl-devel] including defstruct with colliding conc-name warning

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cantab.net
Thu Oct 29 07:01:51 PDT 2009


Compiling a file with the following contents, both with 1.3 and with
trunk (r12863):

  (defstruct foo
    (bar nil))

  (defstruct (foo1 (:conc-name foo-) (:include foo (bar t)))
    (frob nil))

generates a full warning about a duplicate definition of foo-bar within
the same file.  However, the second defstruct should not generate a
definition of foo-bar at all, because foo-bar is already a reader for
the bar slot in the (inherited) structure foo.  (See the last paragraph
of the :conc-name section in CLHS defstruct).

The full warning causes tools which check the return values from
compile-file (asdf, the sbcl build) to believe that compilation failed.



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