[Openmcl-devel] Webkit issue

Raffael Cavallaro raffaelcavallaro at mac.com
Wed Sep 2 14:12:12 UTC 2009

Under ccl-64 intel, if I do:

(require 'webkit)
  and  then use ccl::browser-window to load a static web page,  
everything is fine.

However, if I use ccl::browser-window to load anything more complex  
(e.g., the Apple home page) then I consistently get the following crash.

Possibly this is because Safari knows how to talk to server versions  
of browser plug-ins that are still only 32-bit (e.g., QuickTime 7) and  
ccl-64 doesn't? Just a wild guess.

FWIW, the equivalent is not an issue under either ccl-32 intel or  
LWM-64 intel 5.1.2.

Should I open a ticket on this?

warmest regards,


Unhandled exception 4 at 0x5d9945628ca4, context->regs at #x7fff5fbfcff0
Exception occurred while executing foreign code
? for help
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: ?
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(R)  Show raw GPR/SPR register values
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[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: b
current thread: tcr = 0x100700, native thread ID = 0x207, interrupts  

(#x0000000000442F28) #x0000300041389D3C : #<Anonymous Function  
#x0000300041389C8F> + 173
(#x0000000000442F48) #x00003000410BBBF4 : #<Function (:INTERNAL SEND- 
T))) #x00003000410BBA0F> + 485
(#x0000000000442F88) #x00003000414F3D04 : #<Function EVENT-LOOP  
#x00003000414F3B5F> + 421
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: t
Current Thread Context Record (tcr) = 0x100700
Control (C) stack area:  low = 0x7fff5f99c000, high = 0x7fff5fbffad0
Value (lisp) stack area: low = 0x200000, high = 0x443000
Exception stack pointer = 0x7fff5fbfd4c0
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: r
%rax = 0x00000000153e9f00      %r8  = 0x000000000000003f
%rcx = 0x0000000015d4fc3c      %r9  = 0x00000000152ac120
%rdx = 0x0000000000000000      %r10 = 0x00000000153ea140
%rbx = 0x0000000015d6b900      %r11 = 0x0000000015d48300
%rsp = 0x00007fff5fbfd4c0      %r12 = 0x00000000000001e8
%rbp = 0x00007fff5fbfd530      %r13 = 0x00000000158ff148
%rsi = 0x00000000158ff148      %r14 = 0xffff000000000000
%rdi = 0x0000000015331c00      %r15 = 0xffff000000000002
%rip = 0x00005d9945628ca4   %rflags = 0x00010246
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: l
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: f
f00: 0x153ea4c0 (3.850016e-26), 0x00000000153ea4c0 (1.760983e-315)
f01: 0x153ea540 (3.850055e-26), 0x00000000153ea540 (1.760984e-315)
f02: 0x153ea5c0 (3.850095e-26), 0x00000000153ea5c0 (1.760984e-315)
f03: 0x153ea640 (3.850134e-26), 0x00000000153ea640 (1.760985e-315)
f04: 0x153ea280 (3.849838e-26), 0x00000000153ea280 (1.760980e-315)
f05: 0x74616369 (7.142841e+31), 0x416e6f6974616369 (1.595681e+07)
f06: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x0000000000000000 (0.000000e+00)
f07: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x4060e00000000000 (1.350000e+02)
f08: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x0000000000000000 (0.000000e+00)
f09: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x4080700000000000 (5.260000e+02)
f10: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x4030000000000000 (1.600000e+01)
f11: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x3ff0000000000000 (1.000000e+00)
f12: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x0000000000000000 (0.000000e+00)
f13: 0x00000000 (0.000000e+00), 0x4030000000000000 (1.600000e+01)
f14: 0x3b808081 (3.921569e-03), 0x3b8080813b808081 (4.368036e-22)
f15: 0x3d042108 (3.225806e-02), 0x3d0421083d042108 (8.939086e-15)
mxcsr = 0x00001fa1
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger: x
Unhandled exception 4 at 0x5d9945628ca4, context->regs at #x7fff5fbfcff0
? for help
[9551] Clozure CL kernel debugger:
Raffael Cavallaro
raffaelcavallaro at me.com

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