[Openmcl-devel] A plug for UTF-8

Daniel Weinreb dlw at itasoftware.com
Thu Sep 10 16:08:40 UTC 2009


I'm not sure I understand what you are advocating.
What change would you like to see in CCL?

-- Dan

Ron Garret wrote:
> I would like to take a moment to lobby on behalf of UTF-8.  This is  
> not a huge big deal because it's easy enough to convert from one  
> encoding to another once you know how, but I think it would be a nice  
> selling point for CCL is things tended to Just Work, and one way to  
> make them Just Work is to have an encoding convention that is  
> universally followed so that newcomers can set it and forget it.  The  
> reason I think UTF-8 is a better choice than, say, Latin-1 is that  
> UTF-8 gives you access to the entire unicode code space, and in  
> particular the lower-case Greek lambda character (λ) and European- 
> style «quotation marks» which are self-balancing and hence let you  
> build nested strings without the need for backslash escapes.
> Thank you for your indulgence during this commercial break.  You may  
> now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
> rg
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