[Openmcl-devel] updating from source

R. Matthew Emerson rme at clozure.com
Wed Sep 30 02:54:13 UTC 2009

The usual way to update from source is to run "svn up", svn revert any  
conflicts with the lisp kernel or the heap image, and then start ccl  
and evaluate (rebuild-ccl :full t).

For a while now it's been possible to say (rebuild-ccl :update t :full  
t).  The :update t will cause rebuild-ccl to run the svn update for  
you, and try to deal with any conflicts with the binaries  
automatically.  If the binaries are updated, it will prompt you to  
restart the lisp and do the rebuild-ccl again.  (This may run into  
occasional problems on Windows, since Windows won't overwrite running  

I myself find it easy to run "svn up" from the shell, but maybe people  
who are unfamiliar with svn (and who don't make any local changes to  
the sources) would just as soon not be bothered with it.   
Since :update t will try to deal with conflicts involving the lisp  
kernel and heap image binaries, it might both avoid some confusion,  
and prevent Gary from getting rich enough to retire to a private island.

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