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I have a similar problem porting from MCL.  In my case I think the problem is related to different line ending expectations between MCL (#\return) and Clozure (#\linefeed).  There is also a problem related to encoding defaults, but that seems to have gone away now that I use RMCL as an intermediate step.  

Apparently like you, in Clozure, I can compile my code, but not find it using meta-dot.  Compiling the file seemed to re-interpret the line-ending problem, but that info was not passed on to the storage mechanism for function definitions and so meta-dot fails.

Probably if you just open and save the source code (without cutting and pasting it somewhere else) the line endings will work in Clozure, but that can mess things up in MCL especially if you use in colored fonts which will be lost.  I do not want that.  So what I do is write everything in MCL, which is still far superior to Clozure for writing and testing code, then just recompile and run code in Clozure when it ready.  This creates a few hassles for Clozure debugging, and does not work for any GUI code, but normally works very well for bulk standard common lisp code. 

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> Hi,
> I did a mail here some time ago about the falling sky when I did the  
> command shift alt . to find the source code of a function.
> then I had the "sky" all the time.
> But if I do take the file, open it, select all, copy,, make a new  
> doument paste it all there and save it, and load that file the find  
> source command works.
> Good! But why ??
> so I do have to go through my project in this way to "port" it to  
> clozure ?
> sincerely
> joakim
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