[Openmcl-devel] Version 2.1 Interface Tutorial

Paul Krueger plkrueger at comcast.net
Mon Apr 26 07:50:45 PDT 2010

To CCL developers of Cocoa interfaces on Macs,

I just checked in a small revision to my InterfaceProjects  
contribution (...ccl/contrib/krueger/InterfaceProjects).

Version 2.1 April 2010

This version adds a "binding" capability to the LispController class  
added in Version 2.0. It is now possible to bind user interface values  
to Lisp slots as long as a LispController is the first element of the  
binding path.

The documentation was rearranged somewhat. Instead of treating the  
LispController implementation as a new project and documenting it in  
the Tutorial, it is treated like any other Objective-C class that is  
used by a Lisp developer. So the LispController reference document now  
documents the implementation (formerly project #8 in the tutorial) and  
the Tutorial now includes four projects (8-11) that use it in  
different ways. The tutorial projects are duplicated in the reference  
manual as examples of how to use the LispController.


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