[Openmcl-devel] Suggestions for IDE

John Higgins zos156 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 17:52:07 PDT 2010

I use CCL frequently and given that 1.5 was just released i was
disappointed to see that the IDE remains pretty much the same.
I know that some of you use it but i find it inferior even to SLIME.
So here are some suggestions for improvement:

Syntax hilighting beyond the level currently seen. Colorschemes
should be fully controlled by the user.

Presentations in the REPL. I'm tired of typing (inspect *) all the time.

Usable completion with popup menu and fuzzy matching.

Improve the inspector at least to the level of the slime
inspector (being able to manipulate packages/symbols/functions/methods/slots)
and possibly add an auto-refresh option. Possibly embed a mini inspector
just for instance slots in the REPL.

Better way to show documentation. Currently the only option is jump
to definition and hyperspec.

Compiler warnings/notes should be hyperlinked to the source buffers. 
One should be able to see them all in one place/window.

Debugger should be in separate window with proper graphical ui.

Better tools for CLOS. You have full Cocoa at your disposal, you
could do class/generic function browsers, method combination visualizers
and all sorts of xref addons.

Better debugging tools. Heap utilization/profiling helpers could be done in
graphical way in the IDE. 

I would love to see any of these implemented, and would be willing to
pay for some. It is a sad state of affairs when slime remains the
best way to use ccl.


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