[Openmcl-devel] [Clozure CL] #706: out-of-bounds errors with SLOT-VECTORs

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Mon Aug 23 14:20:16 UTC 2010

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010, Arthur Cater wrote:

> Odd. I've just svn updated, got file dppccl.r14204.image among others,
> and did

If you've made local modifications to text files and new versions of
those files are available in the repository, "svn update" will try to
merge the repository changes into your local copy.  If the changes are
simple and independent (both textually and semantically), this usually
works pretty well; if "svn update" can't resolve the differences,
it'll note that a conflict exists, preserve copies of the repository
and local versions of the file, and generally clobber the working copy
(it'll contain embedded diff information.)  If this ever happens, you
generally want to resolve the conflict in some way.  Two ways of doing
this are:

1) manually merge the repository changes and your local changes into
a new local version of the file, then use "svn resolved" to tell svn
that the file is no longer in conflict with the repository version.

2) use "svn revert" to discard local changes and make the local copy
match the repository's version.

If binary files differ, "svn update" won't even try to merge the changes;
it'll simply note that a conflict exists and introduce the repository's
version of the file (as "file.revision") into the working directory.
(IIRC, starting around version 1.5, "svn update" will prompt for some
means of resolving the conflict in this case; "tf" ("theirs full") basically
removes the local copy of the conflicting file and installs the repository

This is described in more detail in:


It -is- certainly unintuitive and confusing, and it can be difficult to 
remember the issue.

One incentive to remembering was introduced several months ago: the first
person to forget and post a question about this on this list owes me $1US,
the next person $2, then $4, and so on.  I'd hoped that this would both
help people to understand this issue and make me incredibly rich; unfortunately,
all that I've gotten out of it is a dollar.

(Well, $3 now.)

> Macintosh:ccl arthur$ ./dppccl -n -I dppccl.image.r14204
> Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.6-dev-r14125M-trunk  (DarwinPPC32)!
> ? (lisp-implementation-version)
> "Version 1.6-dev-r14125M-trunk  (DarwinPPC32)"
> Is this really r14204? Am I doing something wrong?
> Arthur
> On Aug 23, 2010, at 12:10 PM, Clozure CL wrote:
>> #706: out-of-bounds errors with SLOT-VECTORs
>> --------------------+-------------------------------------------------------
>> Reporter:  Arthur  |       Owner:
>>    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
>> Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:
>> Component:  IDE     |     Version:  trunk
>> Keywords:          |
>> --------------------+-------------------------------------------------------
>> Comment(by gb):
>> This may have been fixed in r14202/r14203.
>> An earlier attempt to fix this in r14198 introduced a number of other,
>> more severe problems.
>> If people who've experienced this problem (confusion about foreign
>> instances' slot-vectors) can upgrade to r14203 or later (in the trunk),
>> it'd be helpful to know whether that problem is still present.
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