[Openmcl-devel] CCL on Solaris sparc architecture

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Wed Jan 27 09:16:27 PST 2010

On Jan 27, 2010, at 12:34 AM, Helmut Eller wrote:

> * Ron Garret [2010-01-27 09:13+0100] writes:
>> Why not just use ABCL?
> ABCL's front-end+library are not as mature as CCL's.

What front end?  What library?  Do you mean the GUI?  That won't work on a JVM back end anyway.

CCL is cool mainly for two reasons:  1) it compiles to native code so it's fast,  and 2) it has the ObjC bridge, so you can easily access Cocoa and all that entails.  Both of those features will be necessarily lost with a JVM back end.


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