[Openmcl-devel] Unix signal handling

Scott L. Burson Scott at sympoiesis.com
Tue Jul 6 02:31:45 UTC 2010


I am porting a large, old application from Allegro to Clozure.  The app runs
under Emacs -- it has its own code, on both the Emacs and Lisp sides, for
doing this -- and Emacs sometimes gets the Lisp process's attention by
sending it a Unix signal (normally SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2, but this is

Allegro provides a relatively straightforward way to set up a Lisp function
to be called when a signal is received, but I don't see anything like that
in CCL.  Have I just overlooked it?  If not, how hard would it be to create?

Alternatives exist, of course -- I could set up another stream with a Lisp
thread reading from it, and just send a character on the stream.  Sounds
like a bit of work, though I haven't looked into it; not sure if Emacs will
cooperate.  Anyway I wanted to explore the signal handling approach first,
since that is how it works with Allegro.

Any advice?

-- Scott
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