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Joakim Sandgren joakim at joakimsandgren.com
Mon Jul 19 16:55:26 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,
The inspector window...
How can I fix it to a certain size ?
How can I change the font and/or the font size ?
I think also we Really Need to be able to manipulate it by key strokes.
like commande-right-arrow to get down into a child etc...
Is it very difficult to do ?
If its not too difficult, you could perhaps give me some sources that  
I can hack away on to get started and then leave it to someone of you  
for verification ?... (since its only me naging about keystrokes in  
the inspector... ;-))


Joakim Sandgren
joakim sandgren musik
42, rue de Maubeuge
75009 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 26 43 90
info at joakimsandgren.com

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