[Openmcl-devel] Cocoa Strings in CCL-1.5

Keith L. Downing keithd at idi.ntnu.no
Thu Jun 17 05:11:12 PDT 2010

I'm having some trouble in upgrading from CCL 1.1 to 1.3 (and then 1.5).  The code below is something that I
seemed to need to produce strings that I could print out in a COCOA window.  The input argument, s, is just a
standard Lisp string.  In version 1.1, I was able to just list s as the :init-with-string keyword argument, but in 1.3 and
up, I'm not able to do that.  For the time being, I just output the null string in each case.

 Does anyone know what I need to do to produce an ns-string object with an arbitrary initial value in the newer versions of CCL?

(defun make-cocoa-string (s) 
 (make-instance 'ns:ns-string :init-with-string  
   #+CCL-1.1 s 
   #+(or CCL-1.3 CCL-1.5) #@""

  Thanks in advance.....

  Keith Downing
  The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  Trondheim, Norway

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