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Joakim Sandgren joakim at joakimsandgren.com
Sat Mar 27 16:13:48 PDT 2010

I just took the trunk, then did rebuild ccl (32 bits)
then require coca-application
and it loaded unitl here:
I am on intel leopard with the developer tools installed.

what is missing in my system ?

thank you


 > Error: Objective-C runtime exception:
 >        *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver initForReadingWithData:]: non-keyed  
archive cannot be decoded by NSKeyedUnarchiver
 > While executing: CCL::CHECK-NS-EXCEPTION, in process Initial(0).

;;; #<PROCESS Initial(0) [Active] #xC05CFAE> requires access to Shared  
Terminal Input
;;; Type (:y 0) to yield control to this thread.
;Loading #P"/Users/js/ccl/cocoa-ide/fasls/xinspector.dx32fsl"...

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