[Openmcl-devel] Opening files on automounted file systems

Daniel Weinreb dlw at itasoftware.com
Wed Mar 31 13:32:34 PDT 2010


My apologies.  When I was experimenting around yesterday,
I must have gotten confused.

Opening the file works fine in just-plain-ccl.  it works
find in an Emacs inferior-lisp.  But it fails inside
Slime/Swank.  I haven't yet figured out why.
If I change the very first thing run in Swank
(namely, the string that is created by
slime-init-command, and have it do
an open of a mounted file, it fails; this is
before swank-loader.lisp has happened.
That's as far as I've got toward a minimal
test case.  (I changed slime-init-command
to add an open call as the first thing in the
progn that it force-feeds to Swank.)

By the way, I am not using the very lastest
version of Slime; I don't know if that matters.

-- Dan

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