[Openmcl-devel] CCL 64bits on W7 and SLIME

Thibault Langlois tl at di.fc.ul.pt
Sat May 8 08:48:28 PDT 2010

I have been using sbcl on linux for some time now but now I have a laptop
running W7(64bits) and decided to try CCL.

When I run slime I get an *inferior-lisp* buffer running but no REPL.
The doc says that:
"SLIME has not been updated to account for recent changes made in Clozure CL
to support x86-64 processors. You may run into bugs running on those

Am I hitting one of these bugs ?
Does anybody managed to use CCL64 bits with slime on W7 ?



Thibault Langlois
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