[Openmcl-devel] Attempting to Build IDE

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Sun May 9 19:24:17 PDT 2010

Section 5.1 of the documentation - which, not surprisingly, precedes
section 5.2 - says:

"Clozure CL ships with the complete source code for an integrated
development environment written using Cocoa on Mac OS X."

I suppose that it's possible to parse that as "... written using Cocoa
on Mac OS X" as something like "... written ... on OSX, but now portable
to other platforms, despite the dependence on Cocoa ...".   If it is indeed
possible to parse that sentence that way, that's not what whoever wrote
it meant; at least for now, CCL's IDE is OSX-only.

On Sun, 9 May 2010, Greg Bennett wrote:

> I thought I was following 5.2 Building the IDE
> Went to cl directory** ran ccl from the shell** evaluated (require
> :coca-application)
> The results were unfavourable as the following transcript shows.

At one point (probably 5+ years ago), the ObjC bridge sort of worked
with the GNU ObjC runtime, but that code hasn't been maintained.  The
little bit of that code that's left is probably the only reason it got
as far as it did, which wasn't very far.

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