[Openmcl-devel] OpenGL and openmcl

Greg Bennett gwbennett at sentex.ca
Wed May 26 13:14:40 PDT 2010

Now that all the non-GUI segments of our application compile gracefully 
openmcl1.5 on 64bit Ubuntu-10.4, we come to the GUI.

There are many toolkits and some recent discussion on c.l.l. of their 

I was wondering whether anyone on the list has experience using OpenGL 
that they
would be willing to share, experience which might reduce the number of holes
I shoot in one or other foot as I move ahead.

In installing openmcl and slime I ran into some issues centring on where 
slime, in
particular, was installed, so I would appreciate comments on any 
experience with
installation location. For reference, I installed openmcl in 
and slime in ~/LispTopLevel/Systems/slime.

Thanks for any and all advice
Cheers /Greg Bennett

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