[Openmcl-devel] Mac App store: will CCL apps fly?

Alexander Repenning ralex at cs.colorado.edu
Thu Oct 21 10:24:15 PDT 2010

The Mac app store (no the iOS store for iPad, iPod, iPhone) will be launched soon. This could be nice for people interested in commercial aspects of Mac apps. However, there will be strict guidelines, e.g.:

> Apps that use deprecated or optionally installed technologies (e.g., Java, Rosetta) will be rejected 
> Apps that are "beta", "demo", "trial", or "test" versions will be rejected 
> Apps that download or install additional code or resources to add functionality or change their primary purpose will be rejected 
> Apps that require license keys or implement their own copy protection will be rejected 
> Apps that present a license screen at launch will be rejected 
> Apps that request escalation to root privileges or use setuid attributes will be rejected 
> Apps that add their icons to the Dock or leave short cuts on the user desktop will be rejected 
> Apps with metadata that mentions the name of any other computer platform will be rejected 
> Apps which appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product or advertising theme will be rejected 
> Apps that look similar to Apple Products or apps bundled on the Mac, including the Finder, iChat, iTunes, and Dashboard, will be rejected 
> Apps that enable illegal file sharing will be rejected 

Notice things such as the lack of Java support (the latest version of Java has been declared to be depreciated by Apple). I wonder if a CCL app would be OK? Anybody cares to speculate? I would assume so. Also, what is the deal with do not "implement their own copy protection"? Does Apple include some copyright support for Mac apps sold via the Mac app store? Unfortunately, I do not have access to the details provided here: http://developer.apple.com/appstore/mac/resources/approval/guidelines.html 

Exciting times for people developing CCL app and trying to sell them? Depending on the fine print... perhaps.


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