[Openmcl-devel] Mac App store: solving Lisp's last mile problem

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Sat Oct 23 11:56:57 PDT 2010

On 23 Oct 2010, at 18:37, Ron Garret wrote:

> Or we could use CCL to develop the platform that becomes the de facto standard for cloud computing.  We can develop on Macs and deploy on Linux.  We don't have to worry about what Steve Jobs thinks.  We don't have to learn any new frameworks or build any new infrastructure.  CCL is ready for this task TODAY (and has been ready for quite a while now).  And we can actually get significant leverage from the features that are still unique to CL.

This is a really important point: whatever you do, don't do what other people are already doing (which means no end-user desktop stuff, probably no phone/iPad-type stuff, no conventional web-application stuff).  Cloud stuff is pretty interesting at the moment, as you said.

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