[Openmcl-devel] (directory ...) errors under special conditions

R.Stoye stoye at stoye.com
Thu Sep 16 14:55:30 PDT 2010


i am not sure if this is expected behavior:

directory errors on soft-links when
- the target is missing,
- using :directories t and :follow-links t
- the path contains :wild-inferiors

ccl::%all-directories calls truename which throws an error if the file  
doesn't exist

;; to reproduce create a file, a link to it, and delete the file
mkdir /tmp/dirtest
touch /tmp/dirtest/hello
ln -s /tmp/dirtest/hello /tmp/dirtest/hellolink
rm /tmp/dirtest/hello

;; then the following fails
(directory #p"/tmp/dirtest/**/*" :directories t :follow-links t)
fails. (Error: File #P"/tmp/dirtest/hellolink" does not exist)

;; the following works
(directory #p"/tmp/dirtest/*" :directories t :follow-links t)
returns (#P"/tmp/dirtest/hellolink")

Ralf Stoye

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