[Openmcl-devel] Exception when requiring cocoa-application

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Sep 20 07:58:36 PDT 2010

This looks like it might be a package error. Calling FIND-SYSTEM not in the ASDF package perhaps? 

"Chris Van Dusen" <cavandusen at gmail.com> wrote:

>That fixed it.  However, I'm now getting the following when the App is
>;Loading #P"/Users/cvandusen/bin/ccl/cocoa-ide/fasls/xinspector.dx64fsl"...
>> Error: Undefined function FIND-SYSTEM called with arguments (:COCOA.ASD) .
>> While executing: #<Anonymous Function #x3020022185FF>, in process
>> Type cmd-/ to continue, cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available
>> If continued: Retry applying FIND-SYSTEM to (:COCOA.ASD).
>> Type :? for other options.
>>   Type (:C <n>) to invoke one of the following restarts:
>0. Return to break level 1.
>2. Retry applying FIND-SYSTEM to (:COCOA.ASD).
>3. Apply specified function to (:COCOA.ASD) this time.
>4. Specify a function to use as the definition of FIND-SYSTEM.
>5. Retry loading
>6. Skip loading
>7. Load other file instead of
>8. Retry loading #P"/Users/cvandusen/bin/ccl/examples/cocoa/easygui"
>9. Skip loading #P"/Users/cvandusen/bin/ccl/examples/cocoa/easygui"
>10. Load other file instead of
>11. Retry loading
>12. Skip loading
>13. Load other file instead of
>14. Return to toplevel.
>16. Reset this thread
>17. Kill this thread
>1 >
>Any idea as to what is causing that?
>Thanks again,
>On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> wrote:
>> Sorry; should be fixed now (in r14290).
>> On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Chris Van Dusen wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>> I updated trunk of CCL this morning and after running (rebuild-ccl :full
>>> t), quitting and starting again (via dx86cl64) I did
>>> the following:
>>> Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.6-dev-r14289M-trunk
>>> (DarwinX8664)!
>>> ? (require :cocoa-application)
>>> The app is started, but the following appears in Terminal:
>>> ;Compiling "/Users/cvandusen/bin/ccl/cocoa-ide/xinspector.lisp"...
>>> ;Loading
>>> #P"/Users/cvandusen/bin/ccl/cocoa-ide/fasls/xinspector.dx64fsl"...Unhandled
>>> exception 10 at 0x3000000a9a47,
>>> context->regs at #x7fff5fbfd770
>>> received signal 10; faulting address: 0x200ff8
>>> non-existent physical address? for help
>>> [19200] Clozure CL kernel debugger:
>>> If there is any more info I can provide, just let me know.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Chris.
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