[Openmcl-devel] Undefined function: muting the compiler

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Wed Sep 29 01:34:58 PDT 2010

On 28 Sep 2010, at 23:20, Alexander Repenning wrote:

> ot a big deal but it is really nice to get rid of all compiler warnings if possible. I just cant find relevant stuff in CLTL2. I would imagined that one could do something like
> (proclaim '(type function b)) or (proclaim '(function b))

Someone else mentioned WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT which is probably the answer, but, if you need to make proclamations like the above, you should use DECLAIM not PROCLAIM: PROCLAIM is a normal function and so the proclamation is not processed until load-time, while DECLAIM is a macro which takes effect at compile-time.

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