[Openmcl-devel] Newest lx86cl64 crashes on newest RedHat

Paul Meurer Paul.Meurer at uni.no
Wed Apr 6 02:59:23 PDT 2011

Am 06.04.2011 um 11:38 schrieb Gary Byers:

> 2.6.18 is several years old (was released in 2006), though it looks
> like the particular kernel you're using was built more recently (with
> an unknown set of mystery patches.)

I see. It's our IT department who does the updating, and I was in the belief that they updated to new versions. Surprise.

> We stopped using the MAP_GROWSDOWN option a long time ago (early September 2010).

I remember that, and it also fixed a similar problem I had then.

> The two possibilities that come to mind are:
> - the lx86cl64 binary that you're using is very old.  This can happen if the
>   file's been locally modified: 'svn update' will refuse to overwrite the
>   file in that case.  You can do:
> $ cd ccl
> $ svn revert lx86cl64
> and if that says that it reverted the file and that fixes the problem, you owe
> me US $8.

Even if I somehow feel that I owe you more than US $8, you won't get these $8. It does not fix the problem, my binary was up-to-date.

>  - MAP_GROWSDOWN isn't being used, but the Linux kernel that you're using returns
>    an unmapped page anyway.  I have not seen this behavior in the kernels
>    distributed by current Ubuntu or Fedora releases and I don't know how that
>    behavior would not be a bug in mmap().  This doesn't seem very likely.
> The code in question has called MapMemoryForStack(), which in turn calls mmap()
> with some standard/portable options.  If that returns something other than
> MAP_FAILED, the address that mmap() returns is returned to create_stack(), which
> then tries to to store the size of the stack in the word at that address.  If 
> you get a bus error at that point, then I can't think of a reason for that besides
> those mentioned above.

Thanks for the explanation. I will investigate this further with our IT people.


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