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Wed Aug 3 22:05:46 UTC 2011

On Wed, 3 Aug 2011, Alexander Repenning wrote:

> I need to remove all direct methods of a class.

I assume that you mean that you need to remove these methods from the
generic functions that they're associated with.  If so, you want to
use REMOVE-METHOD, which both breaks that association between gf and
method and removes the method from the SPECIALIZER-DIRECT-METHODS  lists
of all of the method's specializers:

(defun remove-all-direct-methods (class)
   (dolist (method (SPECIALIZER-DIRECT-METHODS class))
     (REMOVE-METHOD method)))

REMOVE-METHOD will call REMOVE-DIRECT-METHOD on the method and each of its
specializers, which means that it can destructively modify the list that
the DOLIST above is traversing.  That modification -probably- means
"sets the list to its CDR", but if you're at all paranoid about that you
could do:

  ... (dolist (method (copy-list (SPECIALIZER-DIRECT-METHODS class)))) ...

The functions whose names are capitalized above are part of the MOP (and
those names are exported from the "CCL" and "OPENMCL-MOP" packages in CCL);
their behavior is described in


which is essentially the same material that's available as chapters 5 and 6
of the book "The Art of the Metaobject Protocol", which is still in print:


> The following code appears to remove all the direct methods yet they can still be invoked. Perhaps there is some caching going on? This is an evil CCL hack. Is this a caching problem? Is there a better, perhaps MOP based approach?
> (dolist (method (slot-value Class 'ccl::direct-methods))
>   (ccl::%remove-direct-methods method)))
> ;; example
> (remove-all-direct-methods (find-class 'player_a_agent))
> ;; but direct player_a_agent method still executes.
> thanks,
> Alex
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