[Openmcl-devel] with-timeout

Kevin Raison raison at chatsubo.net
Wed Jul 6 13:52:04 PDT 2011

trivial-timeout is nice and generic:


On 07/06/2011 01:48 PM, harshrc at ccs.neu.edu wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are looking to introduce a timed eval to be used for robust
> testing in ACL2 Sedan. We currently support CCL and SBCL. 
> In SBCL there is a WITH-TIMEOUT macro (which throws a condition after
> N seconds), which is good enough for us, since we dont foresee
> nested calls to with-timeout our calling context.
> Is there a similar macro in CCL that we could use?
> If not, we would appreciate some pointers (pseudo-code would be great)
> on how to emulate this timeout functionality?
> Thanks!
> -- Harsh
> http://acl2s.ccs.neu.edu/acl2s/doc/
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