[Openmcl-devel] A platform independent pathname without truename

Pascal J. Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Fri Jul 29 13:07:21 PDT 2011

Michael Minerva <minerva at agentsheets.com> writes:

> I have been trying to find a good way to return a platform independent
> pathname without using truename which works for cases where you are
> creating a path for a file that already exists, but would not work if
> you are trying to create a path to a file you are about to create.
> For example if I call (truename "ccl:") on the mac I get:
> #P"/Users/Mike/ccl-1.7-dev-r14869/"
> and on the pc I get:
> #P"C:/Users/Mike/Desktop/ccl-windows-mar-30/"
> This is all well and good but I cannot use truename if I am trying to
> create a path for a directory I am trying to create inside the ccl
> directory (because truename will return an error if the file does not
> exists).  Is there anyway to get a platform independent path without
> using truename?  

There are a tons of ways to get a plateform independent path without
using truename.  Notice you didn't say a path to what!

(user-homedir-pathnam)  is a conforming and plateform independendant
                        expression that will return you a pathname.

(make-pathname)         is another one.

and so on.

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