[Openmcl-devel] ASDF 2.016 released

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 18:17:35 PDT 2011

Dear Lisp implementors,

below is the announcement for ASDF 2.016, as posted on the
asdf-announce mailing-list, also accessible via its gmane mirror
gmane.lisp.asdf.announce. Please have me take your list off my
forwarding aliases if unappropriate.

Can you upgrade your implementation to ship with the latest ASDF? Thanks!
If you're still using 2.015 (or something even older), there have been
many bug fixes, robustness, portability and upgradability enhancements
and a few features implemented since.

We recommend that you keep (require :asdf) working as well as (require "asdf").

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From: Faré <fahree at gmail.com>
Date: 7 June 2011 20:30
Subject: ASDF 2.016 released
To: asdf-announce at common-lisp.net
Cc: ASDF-devel <asdf-devel at common-lisp.net>

Dear CL users,

I released ASDF 2.015.12 as 2.016.

Please test, and upon success
update your implementations and lisp distributions.

Since 2.015, we have the following improvements:

 * Portability: Fixes for ECL, RMCL. Tweaks for CLISP.
   Improvements to Windows configuration, notably for LispWorks.

 * Fix to load-source-op (broken in 2.014.13 - oops).

 * Avoid infinite loops in defsystem in cases of bad interference
   between quicklisp and your source-registry.

 * Small fixes regarding upgrade, compile-file* :output-file.

 * Make defsystem-depends-on actually useful by allowing a system
   thus depended on to define the class of the system depending on it.
   The XCVB bridge notably relies on this feature.

 * Some documentation updates.
   Notably, for the sake of CLISP, (require "asdf") is the new canonical way
   to load ASDF, instead of (require :asdf). Sigh.

 * Better tests, notably wrt hot upgrade.

Happy hacking!

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