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Paul Krueger plkrueger at comcast.net
Tue Jun 14 08:41:11 PDT 2011

I used NSUndoManager in several of the examples in my Cocoa contrib. I also created a lisp-friendly interface that allows you to specify an arbitrary lisp closure which is invoked when undo or redo is selected by the user.

That said, the notion of having an undo state (potentially two stacks for undo and redo actions) persist across boots of the application/system isn't something that NSUndoManager supports natively. I presume that you are saving something equivalent to those stacks yourself in some persistent form. I can imagine ways you might merge the two to avoid having to modify the way that undo/redo menus work by default, but assuming that you have already done something like that to make yours work I'm not sure what else would be gained by doing such a merge.

With regard to your aside ... A while back I did a survey to see if there was interest in a separate forum for CCL/Lisp/Cocoa. I got fewer than a dozen responses from people interested in the topic and most indicated that they thought this alias was the right place for such discussion but would join another one if it was created. Based on those responses I didn't create another venue. If somebody created a google group or something like that I suspect those people would join. I guess I'd suggest that you start to post your questions here and if the volume gets to be an annoyance for others or the Clozure people would prefer that we move the discussion elsewhere, then we can create an alternative.


On Jun 10, 2011, at 12:15 PM, peter wrote:

> At 4:03 AM -0600 11/6/9, Gary Byers wrote:
>> In the CCL IDE, undo is handled by an NSUndoManager associated with an editor document.
>> [...]
> I hope not too OT, but is the NSUndoManager recommended (by others building apps with CCL) as the undo infrastructure for our lisp stand-alone application built on Cocoa?
> I have rolled my own undo system in lisp (no doubt not as efficient or robust than Apple's) but in everything I hope to minimize MacOS dependencies.
> In particular, sometimes I need to make undo start persistent between boots, and fear that I'll struggle to do that with the NSUndoManager.
> ---
> As an aside, I have very many questions of this kind which are not core CCL issues, but more CCL with the MacOS or Cocoa.  I feel there must be places for lisp people to discuss things, but assume that forum may not be on openmcl-devel (I'm sure that Clozure folks know everything that I could ever need or want to know, but are too busy for my sort of muddles), the Apple Cocoa-dev list is perforce lisp unconcerned, perhaps other lisp forums?
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