[Openmcl-devel] undo size

peter p2.edoc at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 15 04:00:42 PDT 2011

At 10:27 AM +0100 11/6/15, Tim Bradshaw wrote:
>On 14 Jun 2011, at 18:46, Raffael Cavallaro wrote:
>>  In this context, the whole nature of undo/redo becomes less 
>>important as it is local to that invocation of the app on that 
>>device only, while autosave and document versions are global - 
>>across devices and across application launches, so autosave and 
>>document versions, not undo/redo will become the primary means of 
>>avoiding data loss, and something users will come to expect.
>Unless autosave works for every keystroke, it would definitely not 
>be a substitute for undo/redo for me, or anything like it.  I 
>completely rely on editors being able to undo / redo *every* change 
>I make, however small.

Exactly. I think it is a matter of persistence granularity. The 
quantum size of an event(s) that need to be replayed (have life in 
another timeframe, or be user rather than time driven). Disk save 
snapshots can sometimes be far too chunky. Unless they somehow 
encapsulate fine grained history too.

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