[Openmcl-devel] *initial-process* and *current-process*

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr at open-axiom.net
Fri Jun 24 07:25:48 PDT 2011

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 7:22 AM, Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Jun 2011, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> ### and this is the equivalent output where the trunk CCL was used:
> ../../src/driver/open-axiom --execpath=../lisp/lisp --make
> --main="|AxiomCore|::|topLevel|"\
>                --system=../../x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu \
>                --prologue='(pushnew :open-axiom-boot *features*)' \
>                 --output=strap/bootsys --load-directory=strap
> strap/initial-env.lx64fsl strap/utility.lx64fsl strap/tokens.lx64fsl
> strap/includer.lx64fsl strap/scanner.lx64fsl strap/pile.lx64fsl
> strap/ast.lx64fsl strap/parser.lx64fsl strap/translator.lx64fsl
> ../../src/driver/open-axiom --execpath=strap/bootsys --translate
> --import=skip --output=stage1/utility.clisp
> ../../../oa.svn/src/boot/utility.boot
> ../../src/driver/open-axiom --execpath=../lisp/lisp
> --output=stage1/utility.lx64fsl --compile --load-directory=stage1
> stage1/utility.clisp
>> Error of type FILE-ERROR: File #P"stage1/utility.clisp" not found
>> While executing: CCL::FCOMP-FIND-FILE, in process toplevel(2).

Yes, indeed, we are seeing the same thing.

> e.g., it looks like the command before the last one was expected to create
> stage1/utility.lisp but failed to do so.

That command line was supposed to translate the file boot/utility.boot to
Lisp (stage1/utility.clisp).  The executable strap/bootsys (which was saved
from a previous stage) did run.  However, it did not execute the function
that is supposed to do the translation, because the handler consulted a
global table to associate a handler to the option "translate".  However it
could not find the handler in the table because the correct value of that
table was not saved -- as I described in earlier messages.

> I don't know why (or even have
> a good idea of where to look), but hopefully we're  both seeing the same
> thing.

Yes, we are seeing the same thing.  In oa.svn/src/lisp/core.lisp.in,
the function |link| loads fasls, then calls |saveCore|, which calls
SAVE-APPLICATION.  If you inspect the value of the global
variable |$driverTable| right before calling |saveCore|, you would
see that it contains entries for the key (|translate| . "boot") -- when
building strap/bootsys.  However, if you look at that variable in
|topLevel| (when invoking strap/bootsys), you would see that entry
isn't there anymore (along with some other entries that are supposed
to be there.)

> I don't know whether the global special variables that you see as having
> unexpected values are application-specific, standard CL/CCL things, or some
> mixture.  The only post-1.6 change to code related to SAVE-APPLICATION
> that I can think of might cause the user-specified toplevel-function to
> run with (ordinarily) slightly different values for some of the standard
> steam variables (*TERMINAL-IO* and some other things that're SYNONYM-STREAMs
> to it.)  Are these variables among those that have unexpected values ?

No.  But I can also say that if I SETF the SYMBOL-PLIST of a symbol
in |link| before calling SAVE-APPLICATION, that property does not appear
in the final strap/bootsys.  As I said in a previous message, the only
LET-binding (or equivalent) that is in place when |link| run is that of
*PACKAGE* (as you see in |topLevel|).

Arthur suggested possible issue with DEF-LOAD-POINTERS but I don't
use it and I do not know whether it is used indirectly by CCL in my


-- Gaby

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