[Openmcl-devel] Directory and symlinks

Zach Beane xach at xach.com
Wed Nov 9 07:08:54 PST 2011

Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> writes:

> I couldn't reproduce this.
> If you're calling DIRECTORY with a relative pathname, what's the value of
> *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS* ?  What does calling

*default-pathname-defaults* is #p"" and :pwd returns
#p"/home/xach/tmp/", the directory in which I created the test directory

> If neither of those things explain it:
> On a Linux system, my home directory is "/home/gb" and CCL is installed
> in "/usr/local/src/ccl". If I do (in the shell):
> $ cd
> $ ln -sf ../../usr/local/src/ccl .   # also tried absolute name here
> and in CCL:
> ? :pwd                          ; can also call (CCL:DEFAULT-DERECTORY)
> #P"/home/gb/"
> ? (directory "ccl/*/*.lx64fsl")
> => list of .lx64fsl files in immediate subdirectories of CCL directory.
> What's different about what I'm doing and what you're doing ?

The symlink in my case is behind the wildcard, perhaps that makes the

Does (directory "*/*.image") return the /usr/local/src/ccl/*.image files
for you?


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