[Openmcl-devel] Problem building 1.8 on Lion from svn

Patrick May patrick.may at mac.com
Wed Apr 4 08:23:06 PDT 2012

On Apr 4, 2012, at 10:43 AM, R. Matthew Emerson wrote:
> On Apr 4, 2012, at 10:28 AM, Patrick May wrote:
>> 	Is my environment misconfigured somehow?  I have the latest Xcode installed.
>> ~/tmp/ccl/ccl> ./dx86cl64 --no-init
> So your 1.8 sources are in ~/tmp/ccl/ccl, if your shell prompt
> is to be believed.

	Why wouldn't you believe my prompt?  ;-)

	Yes, that's where I checked out from svn.

>> Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.8-r15286M  (DarwinX8664)!
>> ? (rebuild-ccl :full t)
>> Rebuilding Clozure Common Lisp using Version 1.8-r15286M  (DarwinX8664)
>> ;Building lisp-kernel ...
>> ;Kernel built successfully.
>> ;Compiling "/usr/local/ccl/lib/systems.lisp"...
> Note that the files being compiled are in /usr/local/ccl.
> Perhaps you have CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY set to /usr/local/ccl
> in your environment for some reason?

	That's it.  I have 1.7 installed in /usr/local.  Unsetting that environment variable let it build successfully.



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