[Openmcl-devel] Clozure/Lisp newbie question

Gerry Weaver gerryw at compvia.com
Thu Apr 12 12:13:43 PDT 2012

Hello All,

Yes. I was talking about portability of code between CCL implementations on different platforms. Although, the more generic portability response does hit on something else I was wondering. What is the portability like between LispWorks and CCL. I like LispWorks too, but I could probably only get it for one platform and definitely not 64bit ;-( Is anyone using both successfully?


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> On Apr 12, 2012, at 9:36 AM, Pascal J. Bourguignon wrote:
>> Gerry Weaver <gerryw at compvia.com> writes:
>>> Sorry for the delay. I got distracted by work. I just wanted to say
>>> thanks for your responses. I was really hoping that things would be
>>> reasonably portable. I would seem if one is careful, it's possible to
>>> write the bulk of an application with the Mac IDE and then do some
>>> minor tweaking for the other platforms if necessary.
>> I would say, the two most important thing to ease portability are:
>> 1- use portability libraries when they exist (eg. use CFFI instead of
>>   native FFI).  Check http://cliki.net for an index.
>> 2- you may use implementation specific things, but then do it in some
>>   specific "low-level" module that is easily identified and changed
>>   when you want to port the application to another plateform.  If well
>>   done, this "low-level" module may be the seed for the next
>>   portability library ;-)
> This is all true if you are trying to write code that will be portable
> among different implementations of CL.
> I understood the original poster to be asking whether code that runs
> on CCL/Mac OS X would be portable to CCL/Linux.  If that's the issue
> of interest, then portability libraries like CFFI &c. are not needed.

But I still think you should keep the implementation specific stuff in a
separate module.  It doesn't cost much, and helps a lot when you have to
make it evolve.

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