[Openmcl-devel] how to ignore this warning? - shadows standard CL definition.

박성민 byulparan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 10:15:01 PDT 2012

I update to  1.9-dev-r15327M-trunk  (DarwinX8664)!.

I sometime shadow standard cl function.

for example..

(defmethod plus ((p1 number) (p2 number))
  (+ p1 p2))

(defmethod plus ((p1 string) (p2 string))
  (concatenate 'string p1 p2))

(labels ((+ (&rest rest)
   (reduce #'plus rest)))
  (+ "clozure" " common" " lisp"))

;Compiler warnings :
;   In an anonymous lambda form: Local function or macro name + shadows
standard CL definition.
=> "clozure common lisp"

if I can ignore it, tell me what to do....    thank you.
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