[Openmcl-devel] Modal dialog problems with CCL 1.9 32/64 on Mountain Lion

Alexander Repenning alexander.repenning at Colorado.EDU
Mon Aug 27 14:47:43 PDT 2012

having problems with CCL and Mountain Lion. With this very recent version of CCL Version 1.9-dev-r15382M-trunk  strange things can happen quickly. 

In the listener eval:  (ccl::choose-file-dialog)

in CCL Version 1.9-dev-r15382M-trunk a dialog does come up but does not show the content of folders right away. Notice the Asynchronous Progress Indicator (bottom left):

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It can take a long time and sometimes it will only show up after doing some further manual navigation.

Doing the same thing on the same machine with CCL 1.8 32/64 will immediately show folder contents.

Could this be connected to recent thread management changes? Is this - even more crazy idea - due to some bizarre sandboxing overhead? 

Can anybody with Mountain Lion confirm similar findings or have different experiences?


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