[Openmcl-devel] Codesigning a CCL based applicaiton

Michael Minerva minerva at agentsheets.com
Tue Aug 28 17:31:22 PDT 2012

I have been playing around with trying to codesign a CCL based application and I have ran into some trouble and I was wondering if whoever did the codesigning for the CCL appstore apps might be able to lend me some of their wisdom.  So far I have received a code signing identity from the apple developer page, create an authenticated certificate which is in my key chain but when I execute the codesign command in the OSX terminal I get some strange errors: 

codesign_allocate: the __LINKEDIT segment does not cover the end of the file (can't be processed) in: /Users/Mike/Desktop/AgentCubes 1.0RC3/AgentCubes.app/Contents/MacOS/AgentCubes
AgentCubes.app: object file format invalid or unsuitable
I was wondering if you guys ran into this problem when trying to codesign CCL for the app store and if so if you knew a solution.  I was able to find some threads discussing similar issues but the thread and solution always seemed to assume that the project was an XCode project and offered little assistance for my CCL app.  

Thank a lot,

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