[Openmcl-devel] *trust-paths-from-environment* under Windows?

CRLF0710 crlf0710 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 02:58:50 UTC 2012

Hi, i've downloaded the 1.8 prerelease version, and noticed the added
*trust-paths-from-environment* parameter.
I think this strategy is good, and maybe it should be applied to
#+windows-target case in the (get-user-home-dir) function, too.
This can make it more consistent with both the *nix version and other
implementations like SBCL.

After setting "HOME" environment variable under windows, the location
from which SBCL and ECL and some other
implementations (and applications like Emacs, too!) load their init
files from the new location, while CCL do not.
Maybe it would be better if they can load the init file from the same
directory. Thank you!

I suggest this change:
In .../level-1/linux-files.lisp:

(defun get-user-home-dir (userid)
;; change this two lines
  (dolist (k '(#||"HOME"||# "USERPROFILE"))
;; to
  (dolist (k `(,@(if *trust-paths-from-environment* '("HOME")) "USERPROFILE"))

;; or something like that.

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