[Openmcl-devel] Hemlock file save anomaly

peter p2.edoc at googlemail.com
Fri May 4 04:42:56 PDT 2012

I'm unsure whether this is a bug, feature or how things are meant to be.

I have a file, I open it in the CCL editor. While it is still open 
(and unmodified), I also open the same file in another editor.  I 
change the file there and save it. Back in Hemlock I use [File] 
[Revert] to update the CCL buffer. I do some edits in CCL. Now I try 
to save the file and get:
The location of the document "xyz.lisp" cannot be determined.
You can specify where to save it.
      [Cancel] [Save As...]
I command-mouse the editor window top label, this opens the 
appropriate folder as normal. The file is still there, all seems safe 
and sound.

Perhaps I'm being disgusting by trying to edit the same file 
semi-concurrently from two different editors. The other editor does 
not complain, and for multi-platform developments (same source 
running to two different environments) this seems a useful technique 
at times.

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