[Openmcl-devel] error linking OpenCV on osx

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Fri Nov 16 06:42:21 PST 2012

Someone who actually takes time to build the OpenCV libraries and their
dependencies may reach a different conclusion.  For all I know, that'd
only take a few seconds, but I'd prefer to just make a guess ...

On OSX, code that does "GUI things" (graphics, event processing, etc.)
only works when it runs in the initial thread.  It's the World's Most
Advanced Operating System!  (Yes, I know: saying that every few days
hasn't made it any more reasonable, and I sometimes doubt that it will.)

In CCL, the initial thread (the thread that's created by the OS when the
application is run) ordinarily does some initialization, creates another
thread to run the REPL, then spends most of its time sleeping.  It wakes
up a few times each second to do periodic "housekeeping" tasks, and wakes
up again when QUIT is called (to shut down other threads and exit.)  Things
are a little different in the Cocoa IDE on OSX (the initial thread runs
an event loop and another thread does "housekeeping"), but in almost all
cases a listener thread isn't the initial thread.

AFAIK, SBCL behaves differently (and the listener thread is ordinarily
the initial thread.)

Calling code from a listener thread - when that code only works
correctly if it's called from the initial thread - only works correctly
if the listener thread is the initial thread.  Since that's ordinarily
not true in CCL, that means that it's necessary to cause that code 
to run in the initial thread.

Your example uses OPEN-SHARED-LIBRARY to ... open a few libraries, loads
some lisp sources, then calls DO-CAPTURE (which, I assume, calls into the
OpenCV library.  Since some library initialization code on OSX executes
illegal debugging instructions if it's run on a thread other than the
initial thread - and since we can't expect a multibillion dollar company
to do better than that - OPEN-SHARED-LIBRARY on OSX arranges to actually
try to open the library on the initial thread.

I don't know whether anything that happens when the .lisp files are loaded
calls into the foreign libraries; if so, those things need to be done in
the initial process.

The call to DO-CAPTURE likely does need to be done in the initial thread.
One way to arrange for that to happen is to use CCL::CALL-IN-INITIAL-PROCESS.
(I believe that the intent was to export that symbol and document its definition,
but that doesn't seem to have happened.)


arranges for the initial thread/process to call the 0-argument function THUNK
in the initial thread, waits for it to complete, and returns whatever values
THUNK returns.  If I remember correctly, nothing especially useful happens
if an error occurs during execution of THUNK, so you may want to do something

(multiple-value-bind (success error)
    (ccl::call-in-initial-process (lambda ()
                                    (ignore-errors (do-capture asd) t)))
   (unless success ...))

That isn't absolutely horrible; it's probably harder to remember the need to
deal with this issue than it is to actually deal with it.

I think that the reasons that CCL does things the way that it does (runs
the listener/REPL in a non-initial thread) are at least somewhat good ones;
they do cause people to run into problems like this, and I don't know that
those reasons are so compelling that we wouldn't want to consider doing
it the other way.  People would still have to be aware of these OSX limitations -
(PROCESS-RUN-FUNCTION "background" (lambda () (do-capture ...))) would
have the same problems, running under SLIME may also do so - but people who
just want to use a foreign library wouldn't have to keep this in mind to
the degree that they currently do.

[Of course, this may be another problem entirely.  If so, feel free to ignore
the above and wait until someone has time to build the library and explore
the issue.  Hmm.  That might have taken less time than it took to write this

On Fri, 16 Nov 2012, Stefano Bennati wrote:

> Hallo everyone,
> I write because I get a weird error while foreign-loading a C++ method that 
> uses OpenCV on OSX.
> Let's start from the beginning: I want to run from LISP a C++ library that 
> does some image processing.
> I created a small example that shows an image on screen, then I used SWIG to 
> create the wrapper and compiled it into a shared library.
> The weird thing is that the image is shown correctly in both Clozure and SBCL 
> on Linux, but on OSX it is shown only in SBCL... Clozure shows a white 
> rectangle instead.
> It is really important for me to let it run under Clozure for OSX! Any help 
> will be really appreciated!
> I attach a zip file with the example, there are two makefiles, one for Linux 
> and one for OSX (sed not working properly in the latter) and four LISP 
> loaders: two for SBCL, one for Linux and one for OSX and 2 for CCL, one for 
> Linux and one for OSX
> Cheers
> -- 
> M.Sc. Stefano Bennati
> Centre for Cognitive Science
> Friedrichstr. 50
> D-79098 Freiburg, Germany
> Phone: +49 761 203-4947
> Fax:   +49 761 203-4938
> email: bennati at cognition.uni-freiburg.de
> web:   http://portal.uni.freiburg.de/cognition/members-de/bennati/

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