[Openmcl-devel] Linking StoreKit.framework from CCL and in-app purchases

Michael Minerva minerva at agentsheets.com
Thu Apr 11 16:55:14 PDT 2013

Sorry about that Gary.  I was excited about the conversation about CCL and the app store so I wanted to respond to Paul's email as quickly as possible when I got in this morning but you're right I should have tried his suggestion about using objc::load-framework before commenting on that.  

I did notice that there is no StoreKit directory in the darwin-x86-headers.  Am I reading the documentation correctly that this means that I need to create an interface directory for it (as described in section 13.5).  
On Apr 11, 2013, at 11:38 AM, Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Apr 2013, Michael Minerva wrote:
>> I agree with both of your enthusiam and think it would be wonderful to have
>> more apps in the app store. ?As far as I know there are already two CCL apps
>> in the store but none of have been added since the era of sandboxing begun.
>> ?
>>      I haven't had to link a new framework yet, but as I was perusing
>>      the CCL documentation the other day looking for something else I
>>      noticed section "14.7. Loading Frameworks" which references
>>      section "13.5.2. Creating new interface directories". I'm not
>>      sure if those are sufficient, but they should provide a good
>>      start for you I think.
>> I was able to load the framework using a call open-shared-library:
>> (open-shared-library
>> "/System/Library/Frameworks/StoreKit.framework/StoreKit")
>> but now I am having trouble actually referencing any of the classes from the
>> framework. ?
> This is why the documentation tells you (and Paul reminded you) to use OBJC:LOAD-FRAMEWORK.

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