[Openmcl-devel] Linking StoreKit.framework from CCL and in-app purchases

Shannon Spires svs at bearlanding.com
Thu Apr 18 12:59:39 PDT 2013

Ron Garret wrote:

> Just for the record, my reasons for disliking Lion (and Apple's trajectory in general) are somewhat different from Shannon's.  Here's what I find unacceptable:
> 1.  Version ratchets.  More and more, it is impossible to upgrade anything on a Mac without having to upgrade everything on all your macs.  Last year I ended up in a situation where I could not share iPhoto libraries between two identical machines running the same version of the OS because I had upgraded iPhoto on one but not the other.  This is a dirty trick taken straight from the Microsoft playbook.
> 2.  Crappy technology.  CoreData and iCloud are a bad joke.
> 3.  Single-vendor cloud services.  One might reasonably not wish to trust Apple Computer with one's data and engage a different vendor or run one's own server.  Apple makes this essentially impossible.
> rg

I completely agree with Ron's complaints above. I didn't mention any of this before in the interest of brevity. DropBox, for example, does what iCloud should have done and it works fine across all devices. The version ratchet thing is a huge problem: It's not just that you have to have the latest version of MacOS and iPhoto and iTunes; you also have to have the latest version of IOS on your i-Devices if you want to develop IOS apps or, in some cases, just sync data between them. If you don't want to upgrade IOS (because you have an older iPhone and you know the upgrade will ruin its performance, or you've jailbroken it so you can run the apps you want), you're out of luck. (Jailbreaking is a big red flag to me. The fact that it's necessary to be in a continual arms race with the manufacturer of one's tablet or phone just to be able to run the apps one wants is totally unacceptable.) Apple used to bend over backwards to ensure OS version upgrades wouldn't break old behaviors; now they seem to make a point of doing the opposite.

Between upgrades to MacOS, Xcode, iTunes, Apple's iWork apps, and IOS, the Mean Time Between Failure (read: Upgrade) of one of these components is about a month. Which means about once a month you have to shut down your workflow and spend a day upgrading everything to keep them compatible, and hoping that nothing else breaks because of the upgrade itself.

To return to the topic at hand, that's why I'm still running Snow Leopard, and I'd very much like it if authors of CCL programs would conditionalize their code so that Snow Leopard would continue to work.


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