[Openmcl-devel] The AltConsole

peter p2.edoc at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 24 00:21:58 PDT 2013

At 10:40 PM -0700 13/4/23, Ron Garret wrote:
>Why does CCL use the AltConsole instead of the OSX system logging facilities?
>Just wondering.  I'm doing some development where I have to stop and 
>restart CCL often and I end up with dozens of altconsoles in my dock.

It'd be rather useful if there was a flag that allowed background 
output to be sent to the Altconsole or the OSX console log. But I 
have a sense that this traffic redirection might need to be handled 
explicitly in our code.

But presumably we've the altconsole so some human interaction is 
possible with the CCL state which would not be possible in the 
console. Hence some ignore-errors and auto continuation would be 
required (which seems more appropriate anyway for some trivial errors 
such as when a file is not found and the Altconsole requires a couple 
of :pop(s) to continue).

For background processes that log a lot of events, I'd hope that the 
performance and persistence of the OSX logging system might be 

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